Limited edition, small batch fashion for you and your home.


Limited editions of just 20 pieces or less per item.




Inspired by the charming seaside markets in France, LE BAZAR COASTAL offers a curated collection of coastal inspired treasures from near and far.  Here you can find beautifully made and comfortable clothing, accessories & home goods.

"This is my little market stand."





Hello and welcome.  My name is Sally Baker.  After living in the beautiful Marin County, CA, I moved to France with my husband, Bill, and our three children: Emily, Charlotte and Harry.  During our three years abroad, we travelled relentlessly throughout Europe and parts of Africa and Asia.  

Every summer was anchored by a visit to my favorite place, Île de Ré.  This absolutely wonderful island is located off the Atlantic coast of France.  Each morning our precious town would host a morning market filled with vendors selling everything from cheeses, farm picked fruits and vegetables to clothing & home accessories. I loved riding my bike on the cobblestone streets to "centre ville" to fill my basket with our daily baguette, picnique lunch and the makings for a dinner that would be enjoyed outside our cottage with dear friends.  


Once my necessary items were purchased, I would enjoy visiting the other vendors selling beach hats, Turkish towels and light & airy, cotton clothing.  Since my stay on the island was limited, I would always find room in my basket for that one item I just "had to have" that day.....


Visiting these charming markets and talking with the vendors is one of my favorite memories of our time abroad.  I love the care in which the vendors would set up their stands - each item carefully displayed, each vendor proud to tell their story.

Returning home with a basket of treats was always exciting for our kids.  They were eager to nip off the baguette and see what "treasure" I stumbled upon that day.  Now, receiving the packages for LE BAZAR COASTAL is a bit like that morning market basket's arrival.  The kids help unpack each package and excitedly ask what it will be called and "Who do you think will buy this one?"  I design or handpick all of the items sold on this website.  

This is my little market stand.  Like the vendors on Île de Ré, I take great pride in my offerings and am always searching for the next day's treasure.  I hope you will love and enjoy these pieces as much as I do.



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